Sunday, 2 February 2014

letter to sibling

Name: Tan Xin Ying
Class: 1E1
Draft 2: letter to sibling
                 Dear Jesse,
              How are you studying in England? I am writing this letter to tell about the riots in Little India recently.

                 The incident happened on 8th December at around 9.30 at night. a private bus runs over a man who was thirty-three years old at the junction of race course road and Tekka lane. After a few minutes later, the police and Singapore Civil Defence Force was informed of this serious road accident.
                     After a few minutes, the ambulance and the police came, the police blocked the whole entire area. Because of that, lots of people gathered around the scene in just a blink of an eye. The dead body of a worker was extricated from under the bus. The mob has started and pelting emergency officers with concrete blocks and beer bottles.
                  The police calls for Special Operations Command to arrive. They force the crowd to disperse.   After that, police take control of the scene. High visibility patrols deployed to prevent rioters from regrouping.
                  I felt unsafe nowadays its like not really Singapore anymore. I think that Indians should not do this to Singapore as Singapore did not do anything to them. I really felt very pissed off when I heard about the news. they even harmed the innocent police. Luckily, justice have long arms and caught those Indians that is there during the riots. I really hope that none of these incident happen again. 
                        When are you graduating and coming back to Singapore? we missed you so much! Please reply me ASAP!!

Xin Ying