Sunday, 26 January 2014

Name: Tan Xin Ying
Class: 1E1
Draft 1: letter to sibling
               Dear Jesse,
              How are you studying in England? I am writing this letter to tell about the riots in Little India recently. I felt unsafe nowadays its like not really Singapore anymore.
              I think that Indians should not do this to Singapore as Singapore did not do anything to them. I really felt very pissed off when I heard about the news. they even harmed the innocent police. Luckily, justice have long arms and caught those Indians that is there during the riots. I really hope that none of these incident happen again.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Story Of A File

My house is at popular book store. I stayed in there like about 2 weeks until someone bought me home. Oh sorry! I forgotten to introduce myself. My name is file. I am a simple light purple file with sparkly glitter on it. Like I have said, I stayed in popular for about 2 weeks, until a girl bought me home. At first, I found myself in a dark place nicely packed with worksheets and books, I was in a nice sky blue converse school bag! I was taken out when the teacher called up for my owner's name-Serene. All of her friends were looking en grossly at me. I can tell that many people was envious that my owner have me as a file. she cherish me a lot for the past few week. Until one day.... My owner's sister- Kimberly and Serene was fighting over me. I can feel that I am tearing into 2 parts! Ouch! I can feel that partly of me was teared. I heard shouting from her mother "stop fighting! when are you girls going to stop fighting and now for a file?! and see now the file is broken! I bought it in less then 1 month is broken! now I'm going to throw it away!" Kimberly's mum really throw me at the nearest rubbish dump. I was accompanied by a lot of new friends like plates vases and a cute little key chain. They seemed so sad as they were also like me either they were cracked or too old. Just then an old uncle walked pass us and picked me up. I was so tired and I fell asleep after that. The next morning, I saw myself lying nicely at the flea market. A young lady saw me and pick me up, she then paid the uncle three dollars and took me home. After a few hours, I saw myself in the classroom again. The young lady that has bought me was a teacher! She then explain to the whole class why she bought the file at the flea market instead of buying a brand new one at any store. I felt so happy, I felt that actually I have something in the teachers heart!
                             THE END

my struggles and how i over come it

Since the start of the year, my teachers and parents has been nagging and saying PSLE is this year so stop  your honeymoon period and start studying for it. I instead of listening to them, I took their words to death ears. I still did not listen to them until the last two weeks of the exam. I studied very hard but I knew that its not going to work, I could not memorise every single thing my teacher had thought me. I was then in big big trouble. Time flies, two weeks is already gone its the first paper of PSLE-English, like the other people im very nervous when the teacher said start I quickly turn over the page and start writing I do the same for all the 4 papers English maths science and Chinese. After PSLE, I enjoyed myself until this day came... 22 November its the day I get back my results!! I was standing at the school hall very nervous yet excited. the teacher called my name its my turn to get my results now. While taking my report book and my exam slip, my hands shivered I felt my hands as cold as ice. I then leave the hall and opened my report book. I was lucky that I still could get into express but had limited choices of school. I asked my tuition teacher and she said go to Chong Boon Secondary. Hence, I put my first choice as Guang Yang and second choice as Chong boon. Even though I could not get into Guang Yang but I was happy that I could at least go to Chong Boon. I was then looking forward to the first day of school.
          THE END

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Auto Biography :D

Hi i'm Tan Xin Ying from perseverance one (1E1) and my hobby is listening to music, looking through my facebook account and chatting with friends . My favourite colours are purple and blue.

I don't think I have something interesting about myself but whenever I cut my hair, for the first few days I like my hair but after like one week I started to hate them, thinking of having my hair back. Haha I know im weird but this is me. So my best friends are Jesse Wei Ling and Saint. They are like my sisters,they were always there for me when im feeling down.

So now I am going to tell you my life in primary school. Many things happen during my primary school days that has made me unforgettable. When I was P5 I met Wei Ling and Saint. At first I thought they were very quiet but after knowing them better they were very friendly and not quiet anymore. I started hanging out with them and made many happy memories. Coincidently Wei Ling, and I are in the same tuition we met lots of friends there and we enjoyed the lesson at the tuition at the middle of the year Jesse and saint joined and that's when I met and know her better. At P6 our friend ship got stronger and stronger. My favourite teacher is Mdm Ellen Woon she is very nice and caring. At first I don't really like Chinese but after she teach me I liked Chinese better.
My favourite subject is maths. My expectation of secondary school is to improve on my subjects pass my O level then graduate and get to poly. so that's the end of my introduction bye!