Tuesday, 24 June 2014

book review

   The title of the book is Percy Jacksons And The Lightning Thief. It is written by Rick Riordan.
   The story is about a boy named Percy Jackson, he is a half boy and a half god. He always thought that he is just a normal kid but until one day, he vaporised his maths teacher and things started to go wrong. Now, he spends his time fighting with swords, battling with monsters and going on a huge quest to find the thief of the lightning bolt and return it to Zeus, his father with his friends. on the quest, he fought many monsters and tried to keep himself and his friends alive. In the end, he managed to return it to Zeus and know who was the one that stole the lightning bolt. He then stop the gods from starting a war and have peace.
   I like the book as it is very interesting. Even if I have the chance to change the book, I would not change anything about it. I would recommend this book as it is very interesting and makes u want to read more. I think that those who like adventure stories should read that book.