Monday, 24 March 2014

reflection of english lesson

   So far in English lesson, I enjoyed it very much as Ms foo made the lesson very interesting and fun Ms foo always show interesting puns after the lesson ends if the next subject teacher have not come. Even if we do not get the pun, she would patiently explain to us. she taught the whole class lots of things.

   I felt very disappointed with my common test result it was only a border line pass. Even though it was a pass, I was expected to have scored more. The phrase book help a lot too. It help me to brush up my English and vocab and in one year or a term, I could learn many difficult words. it could let me know current news too. I took my difficult words from newspaper.

   I think the teachers could help me by having more of the support programme. Even though Mdm tan said that it was jus a option weather Ms Foo wants to do it or not. I find it very useful as it helped me to revise a lot. Of cause, I also need to play a part by revising and doing assessment at home or during the free times. reading newspaper will help too as I have said earlier I could learn vocabulary and know the current news.